Which of these is the most popular image on Instagram?

The top 5 most popular images on Instagram.

There’s a lot of debate about which one of these pictures is the “most popular” image, which is the name of the meme that’s currently being used as a joke to justify a racist, sexist and/or xenophobic attack on a white person.

The original “yoda gif” (shown below) was created by a Redditor named Yoda_Hawk, and it was later taken down by the Twitter account @Yoda_Hawke, after he took it down for the “racist” comments it contained.

However, the popularity of this meme has since soared.

The image, along with the caption “Yoda gifs always go viral,” have now been shared more than 10,000 times on Twitter alone.

The meme also received praise from some, including The Daily Dot’s Chris Ryan, who claimed it was “one of the most powerful memes of 2017.”

Ryan wrote that the gifs “were a big hit,” and he’s been “hustling” to see if there are any more “wonderful Yoda gif creations” on the internet.

The next trending topic in the world of meme was a tweet by an account called @thegreat_kashmir, which claimed that “the last [Pakistani] soldier was hanged in an Indian jail in 1947 for his role in a murder in Kashmir.”

According to The Great Kashmiri, “this was done in revenge for the Indian invasion of Kashmir.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but a screenshot of it was shared by @theGreat_Kashmir on Friday.

The Twitter account also claimed to have “examined” the evidence behind the “hanging of the last Pakistani soldier in Indian jails,” which the account’s owner claimed “revealed that the entire incident was a hoax perpetrated by the British, and was used to justify the creation of the Kashmiri League, a separatist political party in Pakistan.”

The account, which was created just a few days ago, has also retweeted tweets from several accounts, including @TheGreatKashmi, who “explained that this was a lie.”

Another Twitter user, @_the_nazgul, shared an image of the “Yodas” in the same prison in which “Pakistanis were hanged,” and “then it was added to the internet as a ‘fake news’ story.”

“The British hanged this Pakistani for ‘attacking the British’ on Kashmir, but it was a joke in the end,” he wrote.

The Great Kashmiris claimed that the “Jangolagate” conspiracy theory “is a joke that was played on the British and Pakistani governments,” and that “people around the world are fed this hoax.”

The Great Khan also shared a screenshot from the British government’s official Facebook page of a tweet saying, “The Jangol massacre is a fabrication by the Pakistani state to justify its aggression against India.”

The Khan, who has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, added that the tweet was “just a joke,” adding, “the British are not a joke.”

The next Twitter trending topic was the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, which has since received more than 11,000 retweets.

The hashtag was also used by @Sami_Jawad, a Twitter user who claims to be a Muslim “who is in love with Black people.”

In the tweet, Jawad claimed that he was “really inspired” by the Black Lives Matter movement, and asked for Black people to “fight back.”

In response to a retweet of his tweet, @Sama_Jaws claimed that it was “#whiteboygasn” and “#blacklosesmatter,” adding that he wanted “the whole world to know that this is NOT true.”

The hashtag quickly gained popularity, with many users claiming to have participated in it and sharing the tweets they had posted.

The trend has also been criticized by some, who have suggested that the trending topics were “fake news,” or even “spoofs.”

In a statement posted on Twitter on Friday, the Twitter user @TheBitterPunisher said he “does not think it’s ‘fake’ news,” and claimed that his followers were simply “misinformed.”

The user later removed the tweet from Twitter, but the sentiment remains on his account.

In a Facebook post on Friday night, @The_Bitter_Punishers “excluded all other people from the trending topic because they didn’t like the way that he [the “Black Lives Matter” leader] was using the hashtag,” the post said.

“He didn’t think that this hashtag was ‘fake,’ and he didn’t care if he didn and that he got away with it because he ‘had the numbers.'”

“So many people believe in the idea that ‘fake media’ will take down their favorite tweets,” the user continued.

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