Baby owl finds love

A baby owl who loves wearing baby clothes has found love.

The baby owl, named Baby Bunny, was adopted in September from a shelter.

The adorable little creature is named after a baby owl.

Baby Bunny has already met and loved a number of people.

She met her new owners in a shelter in Australia.

“The first time we met, I was like ‘that’s pretty sweet baby bunny,'” said Catlin Williams, who adopted Baby Bunny.

“She’s a little shy at first, but she’s really cute.”

Williams and her husband, Rob, were able to get Baby Bunny to wear baby clothes in their apartment.

Baby bunny is an orphaned orphaned owl, meaning she is orphaned because of the deaths of its parents.

Baby Rabbit has had her eyesight and ears replaced, but has not been able to communicate with her siblings.

“I don’t think she’ll ever have her own home because it’s been destroyed,” Williams said.

Baby rabbits are also known as the orphaned kitty.

Baby rabbit is the only baby owl known to live in the wild.

It is the first known orphaned baby owl to be adopted by a human.

“We’ve got a few, but we haven’t really found a home yet,” Williams told ABC News.

Baby, who has never been seen before, has a litter of four.

Baby has a great sense of smell and can tell when it’s raining or snowing, but Williams said she can also sense the warmth and danger of the outdoors.

Baby is the fourth baby owl Williams has adopted.

She also has a new kitten named Baby Bump, and she plans to adopt another kitten this year.

Baby’s adoption has been a big success, but more will be needed to bring Baby Bunny into the fold.

Williams said she’s hopeful Baby Bunny will one day become a part of the larger family.

“Baby Bunny is going to have a great future and be a part the bigger family,” Williams added.

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