Baby comes back, baby rattlessnake

Posted November 04, 2018 08:53:52 Baby rattlesnarangs return after being removed from the nest at an Auckland nursery after being kept for more than two years.

Key points: The baby is being kept in a new room after being moved to the family’s former home in Auckland’s westNew mother, who lives in a remote area of the north, has been asked to return to the nest.

She was taken to the Auckland CBD from the Queenstown area where she was kept at an Aotearoa nurseryShe is now being cared for at a local hospital and the new owner has been informed of the situation.

“The nest is being moved, so we’ve been asked not to speak to her,” Auckland Zoo spokeswoman Linda Taylor said.

“We are also asking that anyone who has had contact with the baby since November 4 not to approach her.”

A baby rattler is still being kept by Auckland Zoo and is being cared at the Queenston Regional Hospital, Ms Taylor said, but had not been seen in more than a week.

“We’re also concerned that there are still some snakes left around the house, so there are some snakes that are in the house that may have not been moved.”

It is understood that the mother’s family had previously moved the snake out of the house for the better of their own health.

The family had lived in the Queentown area, in the western North Island, for about two years before moving to the city, she said.

The zoo’s first-ever baby rattling snake was a white baby which it was kept in its original enclosure for three months.

New mother Alice is the mother of a white, three-month-old baby rattled by her husband, who has not been able to care for the snake.

Alice is also the mother to another baby rattly who was also kept in the same enclosure.

Ms Taylor said that while it was too soon to know if the snakes were safe to return, it was “very fortunate that they are”.

“The babies have all been moved and are in their new enclosure, so hopefully that’s a safe place for them to be.”

In the first three months of 2018, Auckland Zoo received more than 30 snake calls.

More than 1,500 snake species have been recorded in New Zealand, but only about one per cent of them are native to the country, said the zoo.

Around 40 species of snakes have been found in New England, the largest being the New England rattlesneak, which is native to New York.

A study released in 2015 found New Zealand was the second most snake-free country in the world.

It found that over 90 per cent the snakes on the island had been reared outside of New Zealand.

Zoo officials are currently working with the New Zealand Ministry of Environment to assess the safety of the snakes, and if they are safe to move to a new home.

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