When is the last time you woke up? – The World Health Organization report is here

The world is facing the threat of a pandemic, and the UN has issued a global warning that the world is at risk of a major global health crisis.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday that it is preparing for an unprecedented pandemic.

The report, entitled A Global Assessment of Health Crises, is a detailed assessment of current global health and economic issues and risks to the global health system.

The global threat of pandemics, including pandemic-related diseases, has intensified in recent years and is becoming more severe by the day, according to the WHO.

According to the report, there are now 1,838 pandemic-related deaths per day in the world.

In contrast, the total number of deaths in all of 2014 was just 13.

The world population is predicted to hit 9.6 billion by 2050, which is an increase of 1.5 billion since 2015.

The number of people who have died of pandemic illness is expected to increase to 3.5bn by 2050.

The latest data suggests that the rate of new infections in developed countries has increased by over 20 percent over the past three years.

The WHO also said that new infections are also being reported in countries where vaccination rates are at the highest.WHO officials said that the outbreak of the coronavirus in the US is likely to be the largest in history.

In the UK, the coronacovirus death toll has reached more than 40,000, with another 2,000 cases reported.WHO chief Margaret Chan told reporters in Geneva that the number of new coronaviruses, the number diagnosed and deaths is rising every day.

“We are facing a new wave of coronaviral disease.

We have to adapt our approach to this new threat,” Chan said.”

This means a global pandemic response is necessary, and we are seeing the emergence of many new infectious diseases, such as influenza and dengue fever, which are not currently on our radar,” she added.

Chan said the WHO is also working to address the economic and social challenges of the pandemic to ensure that there is a global response.

The health agency also released a detailed report on the impact of climate change on health and the world economy, saying that it has been one of the most important factors affecting the global economy.

Chan described the impact climate change has on the global economic system as the greatest challenge facing humanity.

She said that although the world will continue to experience high temperatures and extreme weather events, the world has to be prepared for climate change and adapt to it.

The country of France, for instance, has warned that the economic impact of the virus is likely not to be visible for years.

Chan also warned that countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are not likely to see the pandememic as a major problem for a long time.

“In Africa, where we are already seeing the impact, we will probably be seeing some short-term effects.

However, the long-term impacts of this will be significant,” she said.

Chan added that there are also concerns about the future of the EU and the transatlantic alliance.

She also said the EU is facing a serious threat from the threat from Russia, and is now facing a risk from the spread of the new coronacox virus.

The outbreak of coronacax is the second major global pandemix in a decade.

The first was in 2016.

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