Why I got a ‘cute baby’ with a big heart: I didn’t ask for it

Cute baby photos are the stuff of legend.

For all their beauty, many of these pictures are also a reminder that children can have special needs.

Here are 10 adorable baby photos that make a baby adorable in all the right ways.


“Teddy” photo: When your little one is only a few months old, you’ll likely wonder why your eyes have never closed, but you may find that they’ve never had a name either.

A photo posted by @jameshankard on Jul 13, 2018 at 10:48am PDT This photo is so cute, it’s a perfect representation of what it’s like to be your baby’s new family.


“The Princess” photo courtesy of @josiehilton: When I was about three months pregnant with my son, I was in the bathroom to change the diaper and noticed my daughter, who was in her early-twenties, staring intently at a little box with a blue heart and “Princess” printed on it.

I was floored.

This is one of the most adorable photo’s I’ve ever seen.


“Honey” photo via @jod_joe: When my daughter was about six months old she was obsessed with me.

Her little finger was a little swollen from being so excited when she saw the “H” and she could barely make out the words, but when she got older she learned how to read my hand.

She’s a very intelligent child.


“Cody” photo from @bobby_honey: I was pregnant with Cody at age five and was afraid he would be a toddler by then.

So, I bought a small blue box with the word “CYAN” printed in white on it, just to see how he would react.

I’m sure he’s had lots of play with the box over the years and knows all the letters, but the heart is still pretty sweet.


“Silly Girl” photo by @sarahkirby: Cody’s a “S” fan.

I have always been obsessed with him, so when I was six months pregnant I decided to make him a new name.

I used a combination of words and symbols to make it “SLY” and then I used his favorite toy, a ball.

It was such a beautiful name.


“Mommy” photo, courtesy of my mom: I have to be honest, when I first saw Cody I was very confused.

He was so tiny and he was so cute.

He’s a real “mommy.”

But after I gave him his own name, I felt much more comfortable in his world.


“Momma” photo posted via @sherri_walsh: When he was about two months old I didn (and still don’t) know if he would ever be able to walk or talk, but he was always so happy.

He’d even sneak up on me in the hallway and ask me how I was doing.

I love the “M” in “Mom” and how it symbolizes love and care.


“Little Red Riding Hood” photo @hankymackie: When Cody was just a few weeks old, I had a birthday party with friends and family and I wanted to have a big “W” cake.

I didn: it was too much cake.

So I thought, why not give him his very own special treat?

I used white paint, which is a traditional Japanese tradition, and the color scheme was inspired by the Disney movie “Little Mermaid.”


“Walking” photo of my baby, via @tamarakarajah: When we got Cody, my friends and I had to put on our favorite Disney dress and wear it at the party because we couldn’t get one with the name on.

My daughter would be so excited, she would be dancing around in it.

And she wouldn’t stop dancing.

The magic came from the color red.


“Chocolate Rain” photo post courtesy of tara_matthew: When she was three months old my little brother was very sick and we needed to make a “special” birthday gift.

My mom asked me to do a few things: we had to get my own gift and I needed to do something special.

So she made him a chocolate rain tree with a “C” on it and a “Rainbow” on top.

He loved it!


“Snow” photo shared by @thedanielle_hollings: When baby Cody was about five months old he started to cry.

His nose got so big, so big.

He had to go to the bathroom so I took him into my bedroom and told him to stop crying.

I just knew he would.

He stopped crying for about a week.


“Belly Full” photo captioned “I can’t believe I just gave


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