What’s next for the #BabyYoda meme?

The baby meme, created by Twitter user @babyyoda, is getting more and more traction on social media after its creators said they were getting more than a million tweets a day from people asking about it.

The meme was originally created by comedian Dave Chappelle and the Internet Aristocrat, an online group dedicated to helping people find out about the baby and the cow.

Chappell said he didn’t know the baby was going to be in the movie until his wife and baby daughter told him they were looking for it on Instagram.

The hashtag BabyYoda began trending on Twitter in February.

“We saw a surge in interest from people who wanted to know what it was about,” Chappella said.

“I got a lot of tweets saying, ‘Where are the babies?'”

The tweet-storm began on Monday, with people asking, “Where is the baby?”

The baby, who is named Baby Babs, was originally an Easter egg in the film The Lion King.

He’s the third baby to appear in the animated movie.

He also appears in the video game, Super Mario Bros. The baby cow, who has a name of “Bubba,” was named after the character Bubba the Love Sponge.

The infant, known as Baby Binky, was born on Dec. 13 and will be the third Baby in the franchise.

Baby Binks is expected to be part of the film, which is being produced by Disney and Legendary Pictures.

The movie is scheduled for release Dec. 18.

“The babies are really cool,” Chapps said.

Chapps is one of the founders of the Internet and technology startup company, Gizmodo.

He said the movie’s producers had already been talking about the babies’ names and that he was in touch with the baby’s parents to find out what the name meant.

The Twitter feed for the baby baby meme has more than 11,000 followers.

Chapells’ post also featured an Instagram photo of him holding the baby, which shows him smiling and holding his hand.

The post was shared more than 3,400 times and featured the hashtag baby yodas, which refers to the Baby in The LionKing.

“It was awesome when the baby came,” Chappy said.

He added that the baby has been named after him.

The account also shared a photo of the baby cow with a message saying “we are getting the baby.”

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