Circus Baby: Circus Baby is a baby costume, and it’s all about the baby

Circus Baby, a baby-centric website dedicated to creating costumes for babies, was founded in 2012.

The site, which is currently focused on the circuses and conventions of New York City, now has more than 100 costumes for children aged 0 to 12.

The costume is designed to be a simple yet elegant gift for a child.

“Our goal is to make a child smile,” said Amanda Pardoe, founder and creative director of Circus Baby.

“It’s the perfect gift for the baby to have.”

Circus Baby offers three types of baby costumes.

The first is a simple baby costume that features a baby wearing a pink dress with a white top, a blue dress with blue tops and a red dress with red tops.

The second is a toddler costume, featuring a toddler wearing a white dress with white tops, a white skirt with pink tops and red bows.

The third is a preschooler costume that’s tailored for toddlers and children between the ages of 2 to 5.

Circus Baby sells the costumes for $25, which includes the price of a dress and a dress accessory.

There are also different baby outfits that feature baby face masks and a mask, and the website also offers a variety of baby hats, gloves and baby boots.

“Baby masks are a great way to give the child a different look,” said Pardooe.

“You can put the mask on the baby and let the child take a look at it.”

Baby costumes can be customized to the child’s body, and they can be worn at home, on the playground or at a nursery or playgroup.

The most popular baby costume is a purple baby dress, which features a black, striped skirt with white trim, a purple cape and a purple skirt.

It can also be worn on top of a baby doll.

The dress comes in a variety types, including black, white, yellow, orange, green and blue.

For toddlers and preschoolers, the costume also includes a face mask and a baby mask.

Baby costumes are available for purchase at Circus Baby stores.

There’s also a baby store for parents, which sells baby costumes and accessories for $20.

“We’ve got a baby collection,” Parde said.

“People love buying their own baby costumes.”

Circus Babies is the first website that Pardotoe founded with the help of her brother, Matt Pardote, and her daughter, Jessica Pardota, who works in advertising and creative management.

The Pardoes have been making the baby costumes for nearly a decade, and now they have a few new ones to show off.

“I have a couple of baby toys, which I’m excited about.

I think we have to get out there a little bit,” Pardo said.

The costumes are made in the Pardoses’ studio, where they use real baby and toddler faces and hands to create the costumes.

Pardoto said she loves creating the costumes because it takes the time and effort of creating a costume, but also because it gives the child something to look forward to.

“The little ones look at them and they’re so excited,” she said.

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