Watch the baby acne craze as it blows up the world

A few years ago, there was a baby acne epidemic.

Now there is an online petition calling for a global “baby acne” ban.

The campaign, called “Save Our Babies!” was started by a couple named Sam and Jennifer, who have two boys and want to save their little boys’ eyesight.

The idea came to them when they were shopping for diapers for their daughter, Sam said.

They looked online and found an ad for baby eye creams for sale.

The couple noticed that some of the products were labelled as “baby” or “baby blemishes.”

Sam and Jenn were intrigued and decided to start the petition to help stop the baby blemish epidemic.

“I just wanted to see if there was any way that we could make the world a better place for our babies,” Sam said in a statement.

They soon found a few other parents who shared their frustrations about the problem and asked them to share their stories.

They found a petition on, where more than 10,000 people had signed up to sign the petition.

The petition, which was started on March 12, was initially called “save our babies!”

Sam and Jen started the petition on March 15, 2017 and now it has more than 7,700 supporters.

Sam and Joanne told Vice News that they’ve noticed an increase in parents calling in with complaints.

Baby blemished babies are getting more and more common, Sam explained.

In their opinion, it’s the “next frontier” of infant formula.

“We need to get the message out there that this is a problem,” Sam told Vice.

The most common blemishing type, which is called “cavities,” has a “c” shaped scar or “p” shaped mark.

“Cavities are caused by bacteria and it’s not a bacterial infection,” Sam explained to Vice.

“It’s the bacteria itself that causes it.”

Baby acne is often caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the eyes and the scalp, Sam added.

“That is why I say it is the next frontier of infant formulas.”

Baby blems can also affect the immune system and cause allergies, allergies can be a complication of baby acne and babies who have them have a greater risk of developing allergies in the future, Sam and Kim said.

But they also pointed out that blemites can also be used for the cosmetic industry.

“When I started to work on these products, it was because I wanted to make baby eye cream,” Sam added to Vice, adding that they also wanted to save the lives of other babies.

Baby acne can also cause a skin condition called “pigmentous pustules,” which can lead to inflammation, redness and irritation.

“These pustule problems can occur in any child,” Sam and Joan explained to VICE.

“They can also happen in adults as well.”

Baby skin is also more prone to allergic reactions to chemicals found in baby formulas, such as benzoyl peroxide, which can cause a severe allergic reaction.

“The reason that these pustula reactions occur is because the infant is reacting to the chemicals that are present in these products,” Sam, Kim and JoAnne explained.

“In babies that have allergies, the reactions can occur very quickly, and that’s why they may react very quickly with their bodies.”

But babies don’t have to worry about a baby blemite or a blemite infection, Sam noted.

They can also get these symptoms from a number of other ingredients in baby products, including alcohol, fragrance, bleach, silicone, salt, ammonia, ammonia or sodium bicarbonate.

Sam said they want to do everything in their power to make the baby skin safer.

“Our goal is to make sure that baby skin is healthy and is free from blemings and blemoids,” Sam continued.

“And we want to make it so that it doesn’t have any potential of causing any complications.”

The campaign is now going global.

They have already started to receive a few comments, Sam pointed out.

“Baby blemace” is the abbreviation for baby bleaching, meaning it’s used in cosmetic industry and beauty industry products.

“There are some products that are marketed to babies, but not all,” Sam emphasized.

“Some are marketed specifically to children and they are not marketed to infants.”

Sam said the couple is working to change the industry to make babies safe from blems and blemers.

They are planning to use the campaign to educate other parents about the dangers of using baby products.

They also want to raise awareness about the need for parents to take their babies to the doctor for a medical checkup if their baby has a blemite.

The baby acne trend has also attracted the attention of the beauty industry.

As Sam and Jess noted, the industry is currently facing a global blemime epidemic and the “baby oil” industry is struggling to make up for lost sales.

“But we’re working,” Sam stated

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