‘Good Morning America’ guest-hosts controversial video of ‘Bacon’ and ‘Mockingbird’ actor

The Good Morning America host Samantha Bee on Tuesday hosted an anti-Trump rant, including the segment featuring actor Alec Baldwin and comedian Patton Oswalt.

In the segment, which aired Tuesday morning, Bee said, “I’m just going to say it, my favorite movie in all of film history is Good Morning Americans.

And I think that’s probably why you’re so angry right now.”

Bee’s segment, titled “Bad Baby,” was directed by director Tim Minear.

It follows Baldwin and Oswalt as they talk about Trump’s presidential bid, his alleged sexual assault of a woman and his attempt to steal a pizza.

“Baldwin is the most charming man alive.

He’s so smart and so funny and so sincere,” the host said.

“He is just a wonderful human being.”

But the segment also has a controversial subject matter.

Bee said Baldwin and other actors, including actor Bill Hader, are “in the process of trying to say that he raped me,” in reference to his alleged alleged sexual abuse of a girl in 1992.

“I can’t stand this man,” Baldwin said in response.

“I don’t even know what he looks like.

He looks like a panda.”

Baldy also joked about Oswalt’s claim that Trump was a pedophile.

“Oh, come on, Patton Oswallet,” Baldwin joked.

“It’s true.

That’s what the tabloids call pedophiles.””

You know what I love?

He’s a good guy,” Baldwin added.

“The only time I can be that close to somebody is when I’m doing a show.

I don’t like to be intimate, and I love that.”

Watch the segment above, and read the full story at National Geographic.


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