New research says babies born with Albee’s syndrome could benefit from vaccination


Albee syndrome is a rare, life-threatening form of rare disease caused by a bacteria in the alveoli of the lungs.

It affects babies born alive and can cause a variety of life-limiting conditions.

But it’s not contagious and it’s rarely fatal.

It can lead to pneumonia, pneumonia and other complications.

Researchers have found it in a baby rabbit named Albee and in newborn babies.

It also has been found in sheep and goat calves.

The Albee study has shown that it causes a significant rise in the incidence of Albee-associated infections.

Albee is also known as a coronavirus, or a coronavia coronaviruses.

What is the role of vaccination?

Vaccination is a key part of the vaccine for Albee, and the new study has also found that it protects against a wide range of other coronavire infections.

It does not protect against the rarer, more common form of Albeys, which are found in other animals, including humans.

It has not been known if Albee vaccination protects against other coronavia infections.

What can parents do?

Parents can still get vaccinated against the virus in some circumstances.

For example, it’s recommended that pregnant women get a booster shot every month and adults aged 65 and older get the first shot when they’re aged 50.

For older people, it can be useful to vaccinate if they have other infections, such as bronchitis.

For adults who don’t have any other infections or have other risk factors, there is no need to get vaccinated.

What’s more, there’s no specific vaccine that protects against Albee.

If you have an existing vaccine, such like the flu shot, you can still protect yourself by giving the vaccine to your baby.

You can also keep a close eye on your baby to make sure they don’t get Albee while they’re being vaccinated.

To find out more about Albee please visit the Australian Health and Medical Research Council website.

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